Friday, December 19, 2008

Landlords & Money....!!!

Landlords and money!!!!...I have lived with my sister for like four years, however, she and her family just moved out of town and i need to get a place of my own. I didn't know how darlyn precious my accomodation freebie was until now. I've been looking for an apartment for like two months and i have seen all sorts. From exotic houses to way too downhill apartments and the annoying thing is that landlords are greedy!, they will be asking for money as if you have a minting press at your backyard.....See one ramshackled make-believe mini-flat my agent showed me the other day...he said it was N250K p.a., infact, he said the landlord was asking for N280K p.a., can u imagine! Some of them, old houses that even if they dash you to come and live in free of charge you will refuse, theywill say it N400, N500....N600K p.a.!.....2 bedroom, not even three bedroom or duplex oh!, the thing tire me. At this rate, people will just pack their loads and go back to motherland. This is my situation.... i dey look for a nice, warm, cosy apartment that is neat & affordable!

Stock market no perform again, Real property is the way to go...Landlords are making a kill!!...If i have money, i will buy all the houses in my

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am sulking right now 'cos i'm tired of my monotonous lifestyle. It's Work, Home, Church - Work, Home, Work.......aaarghhh!!!...i'm tired!!!!!!!, i need some excitement, i need some action, i need some spontaneity, i need something out of the ordinary happening abeg!, i need some new beginnings.......i'd like to wake up and choose whether to go to work or not, whether to go to church or not (noooo...i have no choice in this one oh!'s what keeps me going), whether to come back home after work or not (haaa!, i no fit do this one oh!)..... I sha need something diffrent from my ordinary schedule right now!!!!!!

Pls someone help!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Christmas Story...

Hey peeps, it's been a whyl.... i'm sorry i thinned out like that, i had to sweat out the 2 weeks vacation i got earlier (ok, just exaggerating), but really, i've been quite busy with a lot of things. My boss thinks i function a bit like robo-cop, what is it they say again about women being able to multitask?, anyway, so he gives me like ten tasks all at the same time and begins to count down for me!.....i ain't complaining, cos it's training oh, believe me....

I smell Christmas in the air!!!!....Christmas is here again!!!!...after a long Jan. to Nov., Dec. is finally here and Xmas is slowly creeping up. I so love Xmas- everybody loves Xmas even atheists, there is magic in the air, joy in the eyes of people, oh!, if they knew the true meaning of the season!

Ok, my most unforgettable Christmas ever!. I must have been about Seven years old then, we had travelled to the villa for Xmas celebration. Back in those days, it was a family tradition, everyone came home for Xmas, uncles, aunts, cousins, relations, e.t.c. we all came back for the celebration. Our house wasn't a family kind of house where everyone lived together under thesame roof. My grandfather was a great warrior who conquered and claimed so many lands such that he left a lot in estate for his children, so everyone had their own land with their abode graciously built with enough rooms to contain their children. Amongst my immediate relations, we were the most admired because we lived in Lagos! Before travelling, me and my sisters would have rehearsed certain line of conversations so that we could oppress people, we would not speak a word of Igbo language but rather put up fake american accent!, and confuse our cousins that lived in Onitsha or nearby, those were the days!

Anyways, this was the period when "knock-out" was the crux of Christmas celebration (still is though...) My brother would have stocked his bag with loads of it from Lagos and in the evenings everyone was out, throwing it, watching masquerades and having fun. On this Xmas day, a group of young boys started getting violent with the "knock-outs", they were throwing them at people, one incidentally landed on my cousin's hand and exploded, she shrieked and rolled on the floor, we all went to console her and at thesame time, they threw it at a masquerade well armed with a costume of dry raffia and palm fronds and performing for people who threw out money for him, the thing exploded and caught fire fanned into serious flames by the dry harmattan wind. It was a sight!......a horrifying one, the masquerade was on fire, everyone was screaming, immediately, i pictured how the biafran war could have been for those who witnessed it, pandemonium broke loose, my cousin who was formally writhing in pain forgot the pain temporarily, we all took off.

My stomach wrenched. That day was the gloomiest Christmas day i had ever experienced. Parents who had heard news went in search of thier children. thank goodness we all made it home safely. My cousin was taken to a nearby village pharmacy were the wound was treated and dressed. Much later in the night, we heard that the masquerade died. It was very sad. Through out my stay in the village that year, i refused to go out or have anything to do with outdoor games, it was terrifying. This led to the ban of "knock-out" in my village for a very long time.......oh, what a Christmas! That was many many years ago. I have had many exciting Christmases since then and hope to have one this year!

This is my Wish for you.....

May you find love this season

May you have your deepest wishes come true

May you find fulfillment in all that you do

May your footsteps be filled with God's grace & warm favour

May you find the reason for the season

And May you have a very merry Xmas & a greater New year...