Saturday, December 17, 2011

Back again + Randoms...

I haven't been here in decades, Ok, in months but it feels like Thanks to all those who checked on me, don't mind me, its sheer laziness that has kept me away. A lot has happened this year, i have moved to another continent, gone back to school (adult education), made new friends, had new experiences and the saddest, lost my dad (really,really sad). I cherish the memories we had together and the fact that he gave his heart to Christ before he passed, gives me so much consolation.

Onto a few randoms, I attended a friend friend's husband's birthday party recently & i must say i was really impressed. At his age, the guy had done so well for himself. It felt bad to know that there are lots of equally intelligent aspiring young men his age everywhere without half the opportunity this young man had. Opportunity well utilized pays off really well. Ok, so in trying out new foods, i had this burritos from Chiptotle, before now i had heard a lot about Chiptotle and how great their burritos were my God!!... i almost choked.... TFC's burritos tasted better, not kidding!! (atleast in my mouth ohhh), oyinbo people's food can be over-hyped sha. I never knew a time would come when i would need to learn programming but right now i have to!, anyone ever used Matlab?

Going back to an issue that has been over discussed & over analyzed on the web- the FG's ban on same sex marriage, i am in total support of it. The jail term attached to it is a bit extreme though (Truth is, Naija peeps are not very good with keeping laws except there's a fine/punishment attached with it) so let me give them the reason of doubt that the jail term was put in there to totally discourage people from going into it. Nigerians especially in diaspora have disparaged and talked & said all sorts about this, i don't seem to understand, these days it seems speaking against gay people translates to ignorance, i don't understand, face it, its not natural to be gay!!, God created Adam & Eve not Adam & Mike!!... (joking) but seriously, homosexuality is not of God , yea science has come up with some plausible explanation as to why some people are naturally inclined to people of same sex, yes but that doesn't make it right. It's like saying people who like stealing (kleptomaniacs) should be condoned because it's a natural inclination they have?... No!. I'm happy about the bill & kudos to the FG but they need to Up their game on all the other pressing issues in Nigeria.

Again, why are Christians always so quick to criticize, cast slur & speak against fellow Christians???..... United we stand divided we fall (we can't even fall because God's word can't fail). I'm not saying it's ok to condone and endorse wrong things other are Christians doing, but blowing it all out rather than praying for the person is not the way to go. We have become this critical group of people, who don't see anything good in fellow believers, even non-Christians are not half as judgmental! It seems people are more quick to identify problems than suggest ways or even try to fix it, i guess it's the same reason we don't waste time in lashing out at our government without trying to help out or even praying for them. Ok, enough of the ranting....

It's a beautiful season & my favorite time of the year. 2011 went very fast howbeit it was a great year. I thank God sooo much for his faithfulness and how far He has brought me & my family this year (my sister miraculously got a new job, my brother came back home safely, my younger brother got admitted into the university, e.t.c.). In this season, remember to count your blessings and name them one by one & you'd be surprised how much God has done for you (this is no cliche, try it & you will see).

I wish everyone a merry Christmas in advance & a prosperous New year and i hope to be more loyal to my blog next year God willing. Take care now and remember to show Love to someone this season

Friday, March 4, 2011


I am at a place of awareness in my life right now…… awareness of who I am, awareness of who God is, awareness of my relationship with others. I have received the boldness to face life and all that comes with it. I really no longer cower in the face of opposition, I see myself a more confident and a more at-peace-with-myself kind of person. I no longer crave for the acceptance of others, I’ve come to realize that I am special, unique and different in my own way. I’m no longer under any form of pressure to please (yea, I have been a people pleaser all my life!). I hope this feeling never goes away…. I’m loving it...

That been said, how come what seems so right can end up being so wrong???..... little wonder the bible says “there’s a road that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death”. It seemed oh so perfect, oh so right, oh so good, but see what it’s led to! **SMH!!** A lesson learned is forever cherished. Can’t make the same mistake twice

My first post for the year, Happy very belated New Year blogfam!.. Hope the year has been good so far?