Monday, December 3, 2012

Chukwu Daalu (2)

The year is wounding up fast and I want to take out time to count my blessings and name them one by one.... God has been faithful. I thank God for:

1) Life 

2) Good Friends- I truly believe certain people come into our lives for a purpose and God has blessed me immensely with good friends. 
3) My Family- I thank God for every member of my family, God kept us all safe & in good health, thank God for journey mercies, two of my nephews got admitted into the university, my sister got married & also got her visa to come join her hubby
4) Good health- Never got sick, not even once. 
5) My finances - God is a miracle worker. He always showed up in this area of my life. He has thought me how to trust in him completely like a sheep would trust d shepherd. Indeed, he has been my shepherd
6) My academics- When i took the bold step to go back to school after many years of being out of d uni, i didnt know what i was getting into. thought it would be a walk in d park, but No. However, I thank God for this wisdom & grace, he has caused me to excel & triumph exceedingly in my studies.

In everything and from the bottom of my heart Lord, i say Thank You! Through the blessings, the disappointments,  the good times and the hard times, you have been faithful. Thank you for bringing me to a closer and a more loving & trusting relationship with you.

In other news, I think i might have gained atleast 10 pounds this past week. Went to golden corral twice in a row! First my friend & i went cos we wanted to eat d cheapest steak & food ever!....tehehehe! Then, my flatie (my former room mate) came into town over the weekend, and guess where we decided to go again? Yes, Golden Corral! We had so much fun eating, gisting and catching up on old times that i felt i would burst. Stuffed myself with so much food. Really have to go on a marathon to burn off all d! 

Has this ever happened to you? You forgot to hang up your phone after a call and the person on the other line could still hear your conversations? It happened to me!!! so this guy calls me and i was really busy and told him i'd call him back however, i did not hang up & then i said something along the lines of "why does this guy like disturbing me sef & hissed"...LOL!!!! & i think he heard!!!!! So now i've been tryng to call him back, he's not picking my call!!!!! I feel sooo bad. It's one of those side comments u make & don't mean, guess he took it badly. I feel so sorry... :(

I wish you all a beautiful new week, a wonderful new month and a victorious end to the year 2012 Amen!!!!!



Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Growing up i thought i had life figured out. I thought if i was good enough, worked hard enough, then i would succeed. Then my life will go in a certain way but no, it didn't.  Exciting turns i never even imagined here and there. I guess it goes to say man proposes but it is God who disposes. 

The only one who's got the whole of life figured out completely is God, hence our dependence on him. He knows the turns and d twist. No life's formula fits  it all. What works for A might not work for B. I mean don't get me wrong, there's the underlying principle of what u sow is what u reap but sometimes u sow apple and reap corn. Now it doesnt mean corn is bad but it just wasn't what u were expecting. You work hard cos you want to succeed but sometimes hardwork is not all it takes to get u to d top, it is the grace of God. David was not the strongest or most perfect king but He had the grace of God working for him and he did succeed in all he did. 

Being able to trust God with your life is what truly matters, being able to look away from your self and so called strengths/abilities is what counts. The bible says trust in the Lord and rely not on your own abilities. When you rely on your own strength alone, God hands off & let's you do the work & that is struggle! I think 
what counts at the end of d day is our ability to look away from what we think are our strengths & righteousness and rather look unto God.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Few Randoms...

Wow, dear blog, its been a whyl.  :) I don't even have an excuse, i've just been too lazy. This year is winding up so fast, yea, really fast. There's been a lot going on..... studies progressing well, had an amazing summer,  visited great places and built some lasting relationships. The weather's changed right now and its not funny!, i'm still not used to the cold, my nose dripping every day is not fun at all  :(

Obama won the elections, Yay!! I actively supported him and i'm so glad he won!!.... 

I miss my family so much, wish i could see them, thank God for skype & yahoo messenger. 

Cursed is the man who puts his trust in the arm of flesh, the word of God is so true, complete and ageless. I have experienced this first hand and i know for sure. Thank God for His mercies, just when i thought i had reached the end of the road, couldn't make it through the difficulties, He showed up, always showed up, never failed me once. I feel really humbled by His amazing provisions for me, who am i that He is mindful of me? 

Got a surprise call from a friend who i haven't heard from in ages, it felt really good catching up on old times. God has blessed me with such amazing friends, will dedicate a whole post to them.

So it turns out what Americans call Chili is what we Nigerians call bean porridge (you know that watery kind you make with palmoil?, Yesss!). I visited my friend the other day and she made them, was so excited to try them and it turned out it was beans! i was like 'oh oh, that's beans!' She laughed and said, 'No, it's not beans, it's Chili ' Very funny, oyinbo people have name for practically everything. Ok, Chili is specifically made with kidney beans (has to be kidney beans i heard) and then pork or chicken tenders and lots of spices (garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper, onions, tomato paste e.t.c.) Plenty spice but not peppery, you would think it would be peppery as the name suggests but no, a burst of flavor but not peppery at all. Was very tasty though, my friend's an amazing cook! 

My friend says Africans have a particular smell, i dont even know what she means by She says whenever she steps into a house an African lives in, she knows immediately.... says it's got something to do with our food or the spices/condiments we use.... Very funny!

It's really encouraging to see people pursue their dreams. I have a friend who left a well paying job to pursue his life long passion of being a pilot,  #boldmove. And another one recently joined the Navy. I guess at the end of the day, it comes down to what makes you happy.

I read about Ruke Amata's wife's extra-marital affair story on Linda Ikeji's blog and i'm surprised whoever wrote the story didn't disclose the identity of the south south governor involved. Why? is it because he's a political figure? Crap! His identity ought to be disclosed. I wonder why we are so quick to cover up for same people who oppress us....smh! Meanwhyl, CIA Chief, Petraeus just resigned cos of extra-marital affair?, can that ever happen in Nigeria? oti ooo! Our leaders get away with every and anything

Ok, i just wanted to mark register here today, i no get plenty gist, will probably blog more often. Today is Veteran's day and school is closed tomorrow, Yay!!! Why am i even rejoicing sef?, still have to go regardless. I have 2 assignments due on Tuesday and an experiment to complete :((

I hope you have an amazing week, God bless u!!


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