Monday, November 30, 2009

On my mind....

I have purposely been away for a while. I was starting to get distracted with all the wunnerful happenings on blogville. I realized I spent more time blog-trotting than doing my work/ even studying (ok, I’m preparing for an exam). To make things even easy for me, my company restricted use of internet during work hours & as I nor get internet connection for house it completely left me having no option to come on air. In all sha, I’ve missed blogville. Thanks to all my wonderful blog-sistas who checked on me (y’all kno urselves)…thanks, thanks, thanks for caring…Luv ya all!

Was it 31st Dec. last year when I sat in church thanking God and soaking in every word of prophesy the man of God spoke concerning the year 2009 & by jove another 31st Dec. already approaching?!, How time flies especially when you are getting old …..LOL, sometimes it’s scary. It was a very challenging year & by all means, a year I grew the most. I remember my pastor in one of his messages say – “Welcome Challenges, don’t run from troubles, welcome troubles because they will make you stronger”. Truly, this year, I saw it. As I look back now, I wonder how I was able to make it through those tough, difficult, hard times….it could only have been God. I feel refined, processed & improved, just like that solid mass of raw gold that’s chunked into a hot blazing furnace & the end result a high quality refined gold, that’s the way I feel. This year I grew, & grew & grew… values changed, my dreams got bigger & my faith in God soared.

I want to specially thank God for everything, specifically want to thank him for:

1) Life – mine, my family members & luved ones
2) Protection & guidance – When the road seemed tortuous & un-ending, he was there with me, guiding me every step of the way
3) Divine Health – Healed my dad & has kept us all in good health
4) Provisions – provided all my needs
5) Promoted me on my Job this year
6) Provided us with a new accommodation
7) My sister finally graduated & is billed for nysc feb. next year
8) Journey mercies in all our waka waka dis year
9) Wonderful friends
10) Everything, every single thing!

On a final note just have to say this- Stay away from people who belittle you. Stay away, Stay away, Stay away!!!!!.....Don’t think because they are popular, rich, pretty, influential you have to stick with them just because you want to be identified with them. Because you want to be identified with them is not enough for you to stick with the torture they put you through. They find every reason to shine at your expense, to discredit you, to run you down in front of others & worst still they feel you have to be in their good books to get it going. Fa-fa-fa- Fouuuuuuuuul!...Keep away from such! (now doing the cross sign with the finger) ‘cos if you continue with them, you’d soon lose the true essence of who you are. You’d lose confidence in your abilities & soon enough, you’d lose sight of your purpose in Life. Make friends with people who will nuture & spur you unto greater works. Not someone who thinks you are in a lifetime competition with them…oh bother!, pls move on....