Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What If....

I saw his name on my facebook live feed. He became friends with a friend of mine. My heart skipped a beat. I clicked on the hyperlink to view his profile, he was restricted. Immediately, I sent him a friend request. I was excited and anxious at the same time. What a way to re-unite back with him. Is he married?, engaged, divorced, or still searching??..i wanted to know. He accepted my facebook request several days later. He was getting married in a week’s time!, I was happy for him but I was also filled with “What ifs”.

T.E. was my first baby crush!...We were in primary three/four then. He was very intelligent , from a rich home and was very handsome too. All the teachers loved him and ofcourse all the girls, I still wonder what we knew back then ‘cos we were so tiny yet….we had eye for fine boys. I sat a few seats behind him and always wished he would talk to me. I was too shy and timid to even try. I would day dream and see us getting married and having children in the future (daydreaming was my second nature as a child....). There was this game my sister taught me, if you wanted to find out if someone liked you or not, you’d write down their name, divide it by your name and strike out similar alphabets, whatever number of alphabet was left would determine whether it was love or, One day, I tried it, using his name and my name and was grinning ‘cos it turned out positive. My sister saw the look on my face and snatched the paper from me and screamed with glee
“Ehhhhh….everybody come and see oh!, MOI & T.E. like eachother oh..”
I almost passed out. Till date, I’m still teased about it at home. Anyway, we finished primary school and moved on to separate schools for secondary school. I never stopped thinking about what became of him ‘cos I never heard of him. Many many years down the line, I see him on Facebook (thank God for facebook). And I thought to myself, what if I had connected with him much earlier than now what would have happened?, would we have hit it off again (not like we did before sha)?, Well….I guess I am only left with my imagination, “What if”…. Somethings are just never meant to be. No matter how right they seem…..

Happy married life T.E. May God grant you Joy, peace, Happiness & plenty of goodies in your marriage….