Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chukwu dalu

Once again, i sneak up here to make my usual end-of-year thankful post...where have i been all this whyl?...smh!. So I recently discovered i prefer reading to writing (seriously!! I can spend all day reading books/magazines,twitter/Fb statuses, blog posts and not have the strength to leave comments much more update my own blog...aaarghhhh!.... Dunno what this means- actually thought reading and writing go hand in hand abi?.....

2010!!!.....A unique phenomenal year. A lot happened... i shudder when i think of the things i went through, don't know how i managed. I came out (eventhough still reminiscent of the experiences) stronger, braver and more courageous. I thank God for being my strength and support during those times, i thank him for rasing friends/family who helped me get through it all.....Baba you are worthy! I thank God for the visions he' s put in my heart and how he's gradually helping me realize it, i thank God for my family members (My sister esp. and her family, for providing shelter over their heads), I thank God for moving me to a better place, I thank God for divine health, strength, guidance & protection for me, family members & loved ones. I thank God for making me a partner with him in reaching many all around the world, i thank God for putting in my heart a deep hunger for him, these days, i can't seem to get enough of him :D.......To all of these & much more, i say Chukwu dalu, Nagode Jesu, Ose Olorun, Thank you Lord!!!

It's incredibly hot right now & NEPA knows just how to be at their best at times like this(if you know what i mean) My friend's FB status made me laff, she wrote: "Dear PHCN, in the Spirit of the season, it won't be too much to ask you to release the power a few hours a day instead of holding on to it permanently" i thought it was very funny...and laffed so hard, heheheeee!!!, Seriously, NEPA is hoarding power so much now? don't know what they're saving it for!

Special Prayer: I pray for the salvation of family members who have gone astray or have run away from home, that God by His Spirt will touch their hearts & bring them to the knowledge of his son Jesus Christ most especially at this period of christmas, that they will come to know the true meaning of the season, Amen

Merry Xmas in advance....!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Basket Sandals

I love the beautiful pattern it left in the dusty brown sand. They were tiny fragments of square & circles intertwined. All around the school compound, you could see them splayed across sometimes intersecting one another. It stood out from the rest, it was unique. Those were the sole patterns of the basket sandal.

I loved the basket sandals. Back in the days, they were the raining rubber sandals in school. Everybody had them, I mean, everybody. Ify had them and you’d often see me trail behind her as we trudged home together from school under the hot sun. I loved watching the pattern it left in the sand. Ify will wear hers with a set of sparkling white socks which always made it look grander. My own sandal was a brown ugly one which was bigger than my feet. I wanted the basket sandal too, all the girls had it, I loved the beautiful pattern it made on the earth. My Mum said I didn’t need it because I had a very good one which will last me for some years. I was desperate, I wanted the basket sandal just like all the other girls, I wanted to wear it with my socks and look just as smart as Ify. I will go the extra length to get it! So I began to wear my ugly school sandal everywhere I went, to church, to play, to visit, even at home I would wear it, the faster it wears, the quicker I got another one. One afternoon as I was coming from school, “plap!”it snapped. It cut from the sole, I was glad! I knew I had to work extra hard in convincing my mother that what I needed wasn’t a repair but a new one, alas I did and she conceded. Guess what I bought? – The beautiful basket sandal!!!..I still think of this & smile- the frivolities of growing up. Can’t believe I lost sleep over I think so little.

I’ve been following a lot of amazing blogs on the Ville lately eventhough the Ville has been generally kinda quiet, I’ve been having fun. I miss Original Mgbeks soooo terribly, sisto, update more often now!!!, Olufunke, Enkay, where are you galz???. Thank God for ExSchoolnerd, for delivering her from evil. There’s no need apologizing for my usual disappearance, it sounds all very cliché now. Hooray to the Naija Bloggers award, can see a couple of my favorite blogs there. Will surely vote for ‘em.

Yáll have a nice weekend!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chimamanda Inspired...

Happy New Year everyone …I hope the year started out well for you like it did for me. It’s been a good year so far, can see the hand of God already. It’s going to be the year of the greater Light!, Amen.

I just saw Chimamanda Adichie’s talk on the danger of a single story & I was totally blown. Sheeez!, that girl is good. I love her diction, her composure, the passion with which she spoke & she’s sooo down to earth (or so it seems). She narrated how she grew up reading British & American story books and how those books influenced character choices in her early writing. I would say that was my case as well. I grew up reading Enid Blyton books (Mallory Towers, Famous Five, Secret Seven, St Claires, e.t.c.), Sweet Valley High, Keepsakes, Babysitter’s club, e.t.c. Those books formed my thinking, my mindset, my paradigm. For Chimamanda, it was just her writing style but for me, it was my life. I wanted to eat strawberry, I wanted to eat cupcake & scones, I wanted to own a dog, I wanted to be popular in school, I wanted to have a best friend, I wanted to live the kind of life I read in the books. I remember my first story book, it was about a nineth grader named Thomas Thrackery, he was the finest boy in Wellington High school, all the girls had a crush on him, Yes, I had never left the shores of Naija but I knew enough to write a story about an imaginary High School in Los Angeles…LOL

TV did not help matters either because I watched a lot of it, I fantasized about being a “Huxtable”- (The Cosby show), had a huge crush on David (The wonder Years), wished to be Laura (Family Matters) and wished that uncle Phil was my uncle (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), I wanted to live like them….I just couldn’t understand why my parents made me do house chores. On TV and in the books I read, children didn’t have to do house work, they got hugs & kisses and had bedtime stories read to them, children were not flogged, they only got grounded when they misbehaved. I fantasized about my sweet sixteen birthday, how my parents will throw a big party for me, Aha!, only in my dreams, in Nigeria such things never happen (or maybe was just my family). I spent my sixteenth birthday at home doing normal house chores. I wanted to have a room all to myself because all the characters in the books I read had nice pretty rooms all to themselves but ofcourse I didn’t get any of that because I had sisters who needed shelter as well.

TV, books, (The western media) affected my childhood a lot, I spent most of my childhood with my head pretty much in some faraway dreamland than on planet earth. I have long come to terms with reality though but I wouldn’t deny that those books helped me get past most of the tough times in my life, those times my elder sisters were mean to me (not that they are wicked …they just loved bullying me), those times when my parents punished me (for a good cause ofcourse becos I was naughty), those times when I was just sad (happened once in a while), I’d lose myself in the world of those imaginations and nothing else will matter anymore.

What led to all of this rambling sef??...Chimamanda’s danger of a Single Story!, great speech.