Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 Truths, 1 Lie

I've been tagged by Olufunke in the 2 truths, 1 lie meme and i obey the tag

Let me go straight to the game,

1) I am extremely petrified by Earthworms & Wall geckos. The sight of them leave me gasping for breath. Once, i refused to use the bathroom the whole day because i saw a gecko in it, yuck!

2) I once won an award in school for singing. Music is my life and i'm a great singer

3) I'm terrible with faces and names. If i've just met you, you'd have to tell me your name atleast seven times before it sticks - (embarassing)?!

I hereby tag the following people, hope you've not been tagged already sha,:


Stuck in my throat o

Simple gal


Original Mgbeke


In case you don't know the rules of the game, here they are -

1. You have to tell us 3 things about you, 2 truths and 1 lie
2. Link the person who tagged you.
3. Mention the rules in your blog.
4. Leave a comment on the blogs of those you have tagged
5. Tag 6 following bloggers, link them.

Thanks yáll for your concern over my lost phone, i have long gotten over it and totally rocking my new one.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lagos na Wa...!!!

Happy Newyear people!!!.....

While people are making new year resolutions and seeking for how to become better people, someone is there stealing another person's phone! See me see wahala oh!, that was how one morning, i took a bus from CMS (thanks to Okada 'element' wahala, i have sworn never to put my head inside any of those things, i'd rather enter a rickety roach-infested bus than take okada and stand the risk of wearing those scary things), my phone was jejeli tucked safely inside one of the side pockets of my bag, i had earlier received a call and carefully put it in there. No one in the bus looked suspicious as they were all decently dressed men and women clad in suits of all shades and fabrics impatiently waiting to get off the bus to get to work, the conductor however, was very obnoxious and talked way too much. He kept trying to pick quarrel with everybody in the bus, i remember he was eyeing my bag but i took no account of it ‘cos i was actually rummaging through it to bring out change for him. As soon as we got to our bus stop, the stupid boy did not wait for us to pile out first before calling on to passengers for his back trip, he started calling and people started rushing in. It was a struggle to come out of the bus. I managed my way out all the time clutching my bag tightly to my chest.

"God punish you!, comot for road jo!," one passenger cursed as he struggled to get off the bus. Poor man, the vehicle had started gaining speed while he still struggled to jump out of the bus. I was going to be late if i didnt hurry up.

When i got into the office, i exchanged warm pleasantries with my colleagues and suddenly remembered i had to make a quick call. I dipped my hand into the side pocket of my bag to retrieve my phone, my phone wasn't there, maybe i put it in the main bag after i took the the call in the bus, i opened the main bag and checked, for where?, it wasn't there, i emptied everything, there was no sign of the phone. Yayparipa!!...my mouth opened and closed, i couldn't believe i had been mugged. I felt as if someone ripped my heart apart

One of my colleagues tried calling the line, it was ringing and the “ole-ajibole” kept cutting it, i was so angry that i sent him one evil text message to return the phone otherwise....for where??..the person na 'ogbologbo' he/she ignored the text. I keep on calling the phone till he/she apparently got vexed and switched it off!

My beautiful enviable phone gone!, with all the personal info., contacts, pictures and all that i had on it!, it was terrible, i felt bad, i would have sworn for the person, but i pardoned him/her knowing that my words are powerful, i wouldn’t want a curse to follow him all through the year. i have got another phone and retrieved my SIM but i have lost almost all of my phone contacts except for the numbers i backed up somewhere. Now, i am left with a lot explanation to make when people call and i say,

"Hello, who am i speaking with?".....

"So, I'm no longer important ehn?, that’s why you deleted my phone no. abi??"

And na so so explanation I dey make...

This is to all Phone stealers & Thieves all around the world,.....you can hide from everybody, but you cannot hide from God so repent while there's still time before it’s too late!!!!

BTW, I'm so excited about the year, its gonna be a great year. Things are gonna turn around for many, Lives would be changed, people will see and know the joy, peace and happiness that has long eluded them, even in the face of the world's crumbling system, it's going to be the year of SevenFold Increase!