Monday, November 30, 2009

On my mind....

I have purposely been away for a while. I was starting to get distracted with all the wunnerful happenings on blogville. I realized I spent more time blog-trotting than doing my work/ even studying (ok, I’m preparing for an exam). To make things even easy for me, my company restricted use of internet during work hours & as I nor get internet connection for house it completely left me having no option to come on air. In all sha, I’ve missed blogville. Thanks to all my wonderful blog-sistas who checked on me (y’all kno urselves)…thanks, thanks, thanks for caring…Luv ya all!

Was it 31st Dec. last year when I sat in church thanking God and soaking in every word of prophesy the man of God spoke concerning the year 2009 & by jove another 31st Dec. already approaching?!, How time flies especially when you are getting old …..LOL, sometimes it’s scary. It was a very challenging year & by all means, a year I grew the most. I remember my pastor in one of his messages say – “Welcome Challenges, don’t run from troubles, welcome troubles because they will make you stronger”. Truly, this year, I saw it. As I look back now, I wonder how I was able to make it through those tough, difficult, hard times….it could only have been God. I feel refined, processed & improved, just like that solid mass of raw gold that’s chunked into a hot blazing furnace & the end result a high quality refined gold, that’s the way I feel. This year I grew, & grew & grew… values changed, my dreams got bigger & my faith in God soared.

I want to specially thank God for everything, specifically want to thank him for:

1) Life – mine, my family members & luved ones
2) Protection & guidance – When the road seemed tortuous & un-ending, he was there with me, guiding me every step of the way
3) Divine Health – Healed my dad & has kept us all in good health
4) Provisions – provided all my needs
5) Promoted me on my Job this year
6) Provided us with a new accommodation
7) My sister finally graduated & is billed for nysc feb. next year
8) Journey mercies in all our waka waka dis year
9) Wonderful friends
10) Everything, every single thing!

On a final note just have to say this- Stay away from people who belittle you. Stay away, Stay away, Stay away!!!!!.....Don’t think because they are popular, rich, pretty, influential you have to stick with them just because you want to be identified with them. Because you want to be identified with them is not enough for you to stick with the torture they put you through. They find every reason to shine at your expense, to discredit you, to run you down in front of others & worst still they feel you have to be in their good books to get it going. Fa-fa-fa- Fouuuuuuuuul!...Keep away from such! (now doing the cross sign with the finger) ‘cos if you continue with them, you’d soon lose the true essence of who you are. You’d lose confidence in your abilities & soon enough, you’d lose sight of your purpose in Life. Make friends with people who will nuture & spur you unto greater works. Not someone who thinks you are in a lifetime competition with them…oh bother!, pls move on....

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I really need to repent from this my “one- post –a- month” behavior!...I have been AWOL as usual, I’m so excuses. Qmoney, please oh!, if they start charging for absenteeism, na wahala ee go be oh!, which e-currency person go take pay sef?

I am totally rocking my new ipod TOUCH!, beaurriful piece of something, oyinbo, una too much!, the thing is totally taking too much of my time- downloading songs, movies, e.t.c…..i carry it everywhere, have it plugged to my ears as I type now…lalalalalala…lol.

God bless Nigeria, God help NEPA!. Those guys are so wicked, there’s absolutely no light these days…..morning, afternoon, night, no light! All you hear everywhere are crazy generator sounds. From the “I pass my neighbor” generators to heavy duty generators, all of them work overtime. Generator business is a cash cow business now so if you are looking for a viable business to start, think generator…lol!. It’s a true saying that those who live near a rich man’s house suffer the most. There’s this rich man that lives directly opposite our house….. he has this big old generator that makes so much noise, infact the kind of noise it makes can bring a dead man back to life & it churns out smoke like no man’s business & the annoying thing is it’s always on 24-7. We’ve gone to beg the man to atleast buy a new generator or service that one so it doesn’t add to people’s problems, for where?....the man has completely refused. Good thing is we’ve learnt to live with it. We’ve become so used to it that when visitors complain, we are surprised…

This issue has been bothering me. …Is it easy for men to move on with their lives so quickly??, Ok, I have this friend who recently met this guy through a friend, they were casually introduced and since then, the guy has not let her rest, he’s been calling, said he likes her and would like to know her better….guess what we found out?... the guy lost his wife in February just a few months after their wedding and that’s like 3 months ago, and I’m like what???... he’s already looking for another woman?, I mean it’s not bad for him to carry on with his life, but I think it’s rather too soon for him to begin chasing another woman, there should be some mourning period for the blessed memory of his wife abeg!, Men!!!

My Company recently restricted us from Facebook-ing ……”F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-N-G!!!”. Imagine seeing requests from long lost friends and you can’t accept!. It’s so annoying. I guess I’m left with going the Starcomms way, (i.e. getting my own personal internet connectivity). But seriously?, what is it about Facebook that addicts?, I really don’t know…. what I do there if not post/check out pictures is update my status. Facebook isn’t the only social site that offers such service, yet I wonder why the hype is with face book, maybe it’s in the name, who knows?....A name is so very important, it forms people’s initial perception of you. If I said my name was Linda you’d probably perceive me differently from if I said my name was Cynthia. Names are like labels (a lot of people don’t believe this but it’s true), I’ve seen some exceptions sha, but if you say your name is Blessing chances are you’d live a blessed life. God changed Abram’s name to Abraham and he became the father of many nations. My friend recently changed his name from one obscure native name to a bible name, I thought it cool but he got enough yabbings from people, and guess what?, that name is working for him already! Well, Little wonder my name’s Beulah, ‘cos I am God’s special….lol

Monday, April 27, 2009

On Everything Else...

Yippeeeee!!!!....feels so good to be back on my page….I’ve been too lazy to blog, even been too lazy to drop comments on my favorite blogs. I‘ve been doing a lot of blog-trotting, believe me, there are lots of fabulous blogs in blogville. Kudos to y’all bloggers. Yes!, Original Mgbeks, you shattered my heart by deleting those lovely blogs on your blog roll (including mine ofcourse **fluttering eyes**) There were blogs I never bothered adding to my blogroll, I get to them through my favorite blogs (yeah selfish , I know…)

I have a lot on my mind , a lot of thoughts in my head and happenings around me, I hope I don’t stop halfway before I’m through, this thing called laziness ehn? is so alluring (Olufunke, this is why I’ve been MIA). Nywayz, let me get down to it. Remember like the children of Israel when they had tarried on the plains for so long and Moses told them it was time to move up?? That’s the way I feel now.. I feel some voice telling me it’s time to move up. And I feel so obliged to obey that voice, Up I am moving!

Like I narrated in my previous post, I’ve been back in my former unit for over a month now & really, things have changed. It’s never same returning to a place you used to be. For instance, if you left home for a while, traveled for business or to school , most times when you get back, things are usually not the same. It’s either Joy has matured some and is no longer the gullible 7 year old who would jump at your commands or she has shifted her attention on someone else other than you. Things are never the same. In the two years I was away from my unit on some project, a lot of things have changed. some people I left behind in the unit moved on to greener pastures, some got married, some had children,, some got new jobs, in two years. Anyway, I wasn’t exactly wasting myself those two years ‘cos I grew, got experience, got promoted, got promoted again., I was doing well for me but being thrown back to the same old unit leaves me wondering.… I guess I need to de-clutter my head of the way things used to be & just re-adjust to reality. Is the saying not true that goes – “Change is the only constant thing in life.

I am a classic example of “Miss Goody-Two-Shoes”. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t as nice as I am. I like making people feel good about themselves even at my own expense, I feel very bad when I know someone is sad or unhappy because of my action/attitude towards them & it’s made me an extremely polite & and courteous person. I look back at my life and see a couple of steps I’ve taken not for my sake, but to make someone else feel happy or pleased with themselves. Vee called me up Saturday morning to invite me for her hubby’s surprise party, I went for an all-night-church service the night before and was deep in sleep when I heard my phone ring. I ignored it, turned to the other side and switched the sleep to gear 5. The phone rang again. With tired frustration I picked it without looking at the screen. “Hello” I muttered yawning..”Hi it’s me Vee, it’s my husband’s birthday today, and im organizing a surprise party for him, I’d like you to come..bla bla blab la..” she kept on & on & begged me to show up. I nicely told her I was coming from an all-night long service & was still trying to catchup on sleep..”No…you must come oh!, u know you are my friend!”, Nyways, it ended with me agreeing to come but might be a bit late because I had another program planned for the day. Long &short of it, I ended up not making it, my program ended late & there was no way I could make it across town. I tried calling Vee on Sunday to apologise for not coming, she did not pick my call, called & called her two lines, sent text no response & I began to wonder, was she angry at me??: (1) I agreed to go not because it was convenient for me because her invitation notice was short but I was going to sacrifice my “long-awaited” Saturday for her just to make her happy (2) She wouldn’t do same for me if I was in her shoes. I feel so angry that she would even dare be angry at me!...I wish I had told her straight up there was no way I was going to make it. . It is always like that. It’s not as it it’s cool to abandon your friends and not be there for them when they need you., but it shouldn’t be at your own expense because the funny thing is the same person/people you try to please by making sacrifices for, throw it back at you in your face!, it’s as if the nicer you are, the more people take you for granted. Human beings are not worth it really, you’d never be able to please everyone.

Am I the only one who feels the year is running at light speed?...i need to catch up fast, 2009 must never pass me by! It’s gonna be a good week, I can see the signs already. Today’s Monday & I’ve got to de-clutter my desk, I wish I could continue, but I need to face work now before I am caught!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Ok, I needed to change my wardrobe and went shopping last weekend. These days, you don’t have to have money to go shopping. With a cheque book and a pen in your hand, you could scribble out cheques for future payments and leave the shop with both hands full. So I went to this nice shop in Ikeja (actually, a friend’s friend’s shop) tried out suits/shirts , what????????.....i couldn’t fit myself into size 10 clothes anymore.....what in the world is happening to me?. I used to be an 8 size, whatever happened??....right now, I’m a confirmed size 12!, can u imagine?...I hope a few years from now I wouldn’t be reminiscing being a 12....i have to watch what I eat!

I’m so glad one phase of my life/career is ended. I’ve been on this project in my office for what..2 years? and finally it is over Halleluyah!...Actually I expected it to end on a certain note but it ended differently but thank God it’s over. Now, I’ve been re-deployed to my former unit….(after making so much mouth I will not return there, enough yabbing for me) but yeah, things happen….and I know it’s working together for my good. Sincerely, I need a career break. Why do we have to work anyway?, same ‘ole crazy cycle everyday….Work-Home-sleep-Work…..everyday!!!!!... I don’t have a choice I guess, so I’d have to settle for a few weeks break.

I always had this ill feeling that Rita was weird and didn’t really like me but after speaking with her yesterday, I felt so inspired, she’s really a good person deep down….yeah. PP birthday is coming up very soon and we are planning a big surprise for him. He deserves it so very well.

Thank God it’s Friday!!!....iT’s gonna be a terrific weekend…

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twice bitten...

“Are you sure of this??” Yemisi quizzed. She had seen it done differently on Maggi kitchen.

“Yes now, that’s how it’s done” Mary intoned “When you wash it and it’s dried then you put it in the pot, it comes out nice and delicious”.

Yemisi having no reason to doubt her friend did exactly as she was told, she put in all the sliced bitter leaf (onugbu) into the pot, stirred and inhaled the aroma stifling from the pot… smelled delicious!..Dozie would love it!, she was making him his favorite Igbo dish, he will bite his fingers today.

She and Dozie have been married for three fantastic years and he's been a very sweet husband. He doted on her & spoilt her silly. Because of her several miscarriages, her doctor advised that she stayed clear from strenuous physical exertions and because of it Dozie employed cooks and maids to cater for and take care of the house while she merely supervised. She’s experienced marital bliss in every sense of the word much unlike what her parents had. She was barely seven when they separated, her mother went with her brother while she stayed on with her father. Till date, she never knew the reason for the separation, few times she tried asking, she got rebuked and seriously scolded by her father.

Recently, however she noticed that Dozie had been complaining a lot about food. It’s either the food is too salty, or there’s no pepper or it’s too watery….she wondered when he started taking particular attention to food. Dozie was not a food-food person, he could whatever was been served him. She remembered when they just got married, she would serve him anything ranging from gbegiri, to ewedu to efo and he would eat with relish without realizing the difference between it and his local igbo soup. All of a sudden, he wakes up one morning and begins to insist that she must start doing his meals again. “Honey, I am tired of all these food I’m served”, I want you to start doing my meal again”.

“See me see wahala oh!”, she complained to Mary during their early morning exercise at the gym “ Dozie doesn’t eat anymore oh!, , he says I must cook his meals otherwise he wouldn’t eat, must I when I have maids and cooks??...his complaints are becoming tiring. “It’s your duty as a wife to cook for your husband so you must, you can win his heart more through his stomach,” Mary was always the voice of reasoning. So she went ahead and sacked all the cooks and made up her mind to start cooking for her man.

Dozie had called from the office earlier that day to say that he was coming home with a friend. She wanted to surprise him hence the cooking thing she was doing. She gave the soup a final stir closed it and turned out the burner.

Minutes later, Dozie’s car pulled into the compound. She hurriedly set the table and went on freshen up. She greets Dozie with a light kiss on the check

“Welcome honey”, hope your day was good.
“Sure,”, he quickly introduces the middle-aged man with him, “meet Mr. Wilcox, he’s the new head of finance ”

They exchange pleasantries and she soon gets them seated around the table. The soup melt so good. “My wife is such a great cook”, he bragged to Mr Wilcox who seemed all too eager to start with the meal. She sets the food before them. At first, she thought she imagined her husband’s expression when he contorted his face after he swallowed the first ball of eba, then Mr. Wilcox exclaimed “tufiakwa!” and spat out the portion he had put in his mouth….

What was wrong??...this was the meal she spent time preparing…”Honey what’s the matter?” she anxiously walked towards them…

Dozie’s eyes were full of embarrassment, “Yemi, what is this??..pls take this poison away!,”

“Poison??, Poison?, how could Dozie call her food poison, the food she spent so much time and effort making for him.

Dozie apologized profusely to Mr Wilcox and led him out through the door and they went away. Hot tears stung at her eye. What has she done wrong?..why would Dozie treat her so callously like this…

She was dabbing away the tears clouding her vision when she decided to taste the soup, she had not tasted it even while cooking. As scooped it into her mouth, she almost gagged.

“Arggghhhh,”!!, she spat it out, what is this??.....the soup was bitter!!!!...whatever happened?, she followed Mary’s advise ….. then all of a sudden, it dawned on her. She had been misled again. Mary had done it to her again. When will she ever learn her lesson?.....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What If....

I saw his name on my facebook live feed. He became friends with a friend of mine. My heart skipped a beat. I clicked on the hyperlink to view his profile, he was restricted. Immediately, I sent him a friend request. I was excited and anxious at the same time. What a way to re-unite back with him. Is he married?, engaged, divorced, or still searching??..i wanted to know. He accepted my facebook request several days later. He was getting married in a week’s time!, I was happy for him but I was also filled with “What ifs”.

T.E. was my first baby crush!...We were in primary three/four then. He was very intelligent , from a rich home and was very handsome too. All the teachers loved him and ofcourse all the girls, I still wonder what we knew back then ‘cos we were so tiny yet….we had eye for fine boys. I sat a few seats behind him and always wished he would talk to me. I was too shy and timid to even try. I would day dream and see us getting married and having children in the future (daydreaming was my second nature as a child....). There was this game my sister taught me, if you wanted to find out if someone liked you or not, you’d write down their name, divide it by your name and strike out similar alphabets, whatever number of alphabet was left would determine whether it was love or, One day, I tried it, using his name and my name and was grinning ‘cos it turned out positive. My sister saw the look on my face and snatched the paper from me and screamed with glee
“Ehhhhh….everybody come and see oh!, MOI & T.E. like eachother oh..”
I almost passed out. Till date, I’m still teased about it at home. Anyway, we finished primary school and moved on to separate schools for secondary school. I never stopped thinking about what became of him ‘cos I never heard of him. Many many years down the line, I see him on Facebook (thank God for facebook). And I thought to myself, what if I had connected with him much earlier than now what would have happened?, would we have hit it off again (not like we did before sha)?, Well….I guess I am only left with my imagination, “What if”…. Somethings are just never meant to be. No matter how right they seem…..

Happy married life T.E. May God grant you Joy, peace, Happiness & plenty of goodies in your marriage….

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 Truths, 1 Lie

I've been tagged by Olufunke in the 2 truths, 1 lie meme and i obey the tag

Let me go straight to the game,

1) I am extremely petrified by Earthworms & Wall geckos. The sight of them leave me gasping for breath. Once, i refused to use the bathroom the whole day because i saw a gecko in it, yuck!

2) I once won an award in school for singing. Music is my life and i'm a great singer

3) I'm terrible with faces and names. If i've just met you, you'd have to tell me your name atleast seven times before it sticks - (embarassing)?!

I hereby tag the following people, hope you've not been tagged already sha,:


Stuck in my throat o

Simple gal


Original Mgbeke


In case you don't know the rules of the game, here they are -

1. You have to tell us 3 things about you, 2 truths and 1 lie
2. Link the person who tagged you.
3. Mention the rules in your blog.
4. Leave a comment on the blogs of those you have tagged
5. Tag 6 following bloggers, link them.

Thanks yáll for your concern over my lost phone, i have long gotten over it and totally rocking my new one.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lagos na Wa...!!!

Happy Newyear people!!!.....

While people are making new year resolutions and seeking for how to become better people, someone is there stealing another person's phone! See me see wahala oh!, that was how one morning, i took a bus from CMS (thanks to Okada 'element' wahala, i have sworn never to put my head inside any of those things, i'd rather enter a rickety roach-infested bus than take okada and stand the risk of wearing those scary things), my phone was jejeli tucked safely inside one of the side pockets of my bag, i had earlier received a call and carefully put it in there. No one in the bus looked suspicious as they were all decently dressed men and women clad in suits of all shades and fabrics impatiently waiting to get off the bus to get to work, the conductor however, was very obnoxious and talked way too much. He kept trying to pick quarrel with everybody in the bus, i remember he was eyeing my bag but i took no account of it ‘cos i was actually rummaging through it to bring out change for him. As soon as we got to our bus stop, the stupid boy did not wait for us to pile out first before calling on to passengers for his back trip, he started calling and people started rushing in. It was a struggle to come out of the bus. I managed my way out all the time clutching my bag tightly to my chest.

"God punish you!, comot for road jo!," one passenger cursed as he struggled to get off the bus. Poor man, the vehicle had started gaining speed while he still struggled to jump out of the bus. I was going to be late if i didnt hurry up.

When i got into the office, i exchanged warm pleasantries with my colleagues and suddenly remembered i had to make a quick call. I dipped my hand into the side pocket of my bag to retrieve my phone, my phone wasn't there, maybe i put it in the main bag after i took the the call in the bus, i opened the main bag and checked, for where?, it wasn't there, i emptied everything, there was no sign of the phone. Yayparipa!! mouth opened and closed, i couldn't believe i had been mugged. I felt as if someone ripped my heart apart

One of my colleagues tried calling the line, it was ringing and the “ole-ajibole” kept cutting it, i was so angry that i sent him one evil text message to return the phone otherwise....for where??..the person na 'ogbologbo' he/she ignored the text. I keep on calling the phone till he/she apparently got vexed and switched it off!

My beautiful enviable phone gone!, with all the personal info., contacts, pictures and all that i had on it!, it was terrible, i felt bad, i would have sworn for the person, but i pardoned him/her knowing that my words are powerful, i wouldn’t want a curse to follow him all through the year. i have got another phone and retrieved my SIM but i have lost almost all of my phone contacts except for the numbers i backed up somewhere. Now, i am left with a lot explanation to make when people call and i say,

"Hello, who am i speaking with?".....

"So, I'm no longer important ehn?, that’s why you deleted my phone no. abi??"

And na so so explanation I dey make...

This is to all Phone stealers & Thieves all around the world, can hide from everybody, but you cannot hide from God so repent while there's still time before it’s too late!!!!

BTW, I'm so excited about the year, its gonna be a great year. Things are gonna turn around for many, Lives would be changed, people will see and know the joy, peace and happiness that has long eluded them, even in the face of the world's crumbling system, it's going to be the year of SevenFold Increase!