Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Time for Everything...

As i was going home from work yesterday, these thoughts persistently lingered on in my mind....and i felt like writing it down... I guess this is reason for the saying that goes "no condition" is permanent.

One day, i will leave my sister's house..

One day, i will leave her street..

One day, i will get married..

One day, i will have my first child..

One day, i will build my first house..

One day, i will float my first company..

One day, i will count my first billion..

One day, i will sponsor my first crusade..

One day, i will host my first talk show..

One day, i will buy my first jet..

One day, i will feed millions..

One day, i will grow old..

One day, i will be raptured..

One day, i will see Jesus....

Christ in me, makes these things a certainty...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hmnn..finally, i join the blog-world!!!

For two years, i've followed people's blogs, read their thoughts, followed their minds, admired their style but never mustered enough courage to start my own....I've always loved writing but you know sometimes, it's not so easy keeping up with it believe me! It could be tiring putting your thoughts to words....i hope my page doesn't suffer, it won't sha...it will definitely experience many glorious years of wonderful updates.

Have you ever had a strong hunch that something good was about to happen to you??..well, that's what i am feeling right now...hmmnhmmnnn...that's it!