Monday, April 27, 2009

On Everything Else...

Yippeeeee!!!!....feels so good to be back on my page….I’ve been too lazy to blog, even been too lazy to drop comments on my favorite blogs. I‘ve been doing a lot of blog-trotting, believe me, there are lots of fabulous blogs in blogville. Kudos to y’all bloggers. Yes!, Original Mgbeks, you shattered my heart by deleting those lovely blogs on your blog roll (including mine ofcourse **fluttering eyes**) There were blogs I never bothered adding to my blogroll, I get to them through my favorite blogs (yeah selfish , I know…)

I have a lot on my mind , a lot of thoughts in my head and happenings around me, I hope I don’t stop halfway before I’m through, this thing called laziness ehn? is so alluring (Olufunke, this is why I’ve been MIA). Nywayz, let me get down to it. Remember like the children of Israel when they had tarried on the plains for so long and Moses told them it was time to move up?? That’s the way I feel now.. I feel some voice telling me it’s time to move up. And I feel so obliged to obey that voice, Up I am moving!

Like I narrated in my previous post, I’ve been back in my former unit for over a month now & really, things have changed. It’s never same returning to a place you used to be. For instance, if you left home for a while, traveled for business or to school , most times when you get back, things are usually not the same. It’s either Joy has matured some and is no longer the gullible 7 year old who would jump at your commands or she has shifted her attention on someone else other than you. Things are never the same. In the two years I was away from my unit on some project, a lot of things have changed. some people I left behind in the unit moved on to greener pastures, some got married, some had children,, some got new jobs, in two years. Anyway, I wasn’t exactly wasting myself those two years ‘cos I grew, got experience, got promoted, got promoted again., I was doing well for me but being thrown back to the same old unit leaves me wondering.… I guess I need to de-clutter my head of the way things used to be & just re-adjust to reality. Is the saying not true that goes – “Change is the only constant thing in life.

I am a classic example of “Miss Goody-Two-Shoes”. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t as nice as I am. I like making people feel good about themselves even at my own expense, I feel very bad when I know someone is sad or unhappy because of my action/attitude towards them & it’s made me an extremely polite & and courteous person. I look back at my life and see a couple of steps I’ve taken not for my sake, but to make someone else feel happy or pleased with themselves. Vee called me up Saturday morning to invite me for her hubby’s surprise party, I went for an all-night-church service the night before and was deep in sleep when I heard my phone ring. I ignored it, turned to the other side and switched the sleep to gear 5. The phone rang again. With tired frustration I picked it without looking at the screen. “Hello” I muttered yawning..”Hi it’s me Vee, it’s my husband’s birthday today, and im organizing a surprise party for him, I’d like you to come..bla bla blab la..” she kept on & on & begged me to show up. I nicely told her I was coming from an all-night long service & was still trying to catchup on sleep..”No…you must come oh!, u know you are my friend!”, Nyways, it ended with me agreeing to come but might be a bit late because I had another program planned for the day. Long &short of it, I ended up not making it, my program ended late & there was no way I could make it across town. I tried calling Vee on Sunday to apologise for not coming, she did not pick my call, called & called her two lines, sent text no response & I began to wonder, was she angry at me??: (1) I agreed to go not because it was convenient for me because her invitation notice was short but I was going to sacrifice my “long-awaited” Saturday for her just to make her happy (2) She wouldn’t do same for me if I was in her shoes. I feel so angry that she would even dare be angry at me!...I wish I had told her straight up there was no way I was going to make it. . It is always like that. It’s not as it it’s cool to abandon your friends and not be there for them when they need you., but it shouldn’t be at your own expense because the funny thing is the same person/people you try to please by making sacrifices for, throw it back at you in your face!, it’s as if the nicer you are, the more people take you for granted. Human beings are not worth it really, you’d never be able to please everyone.

Am I the only one who feels the year is running at light speed?...i need to catch up fast, 2009 must never pass me by! It’s gonna be a good week, I can see the signs already. Today’s Monday & I’ve got to de-clutter my desk, I wish I could continue, but I need to face work now before I am caught!