Thursday, June 18, 2009


I really need to repent from this my “one- post –a- month” behavior!...I have been AWOL as usual, I’m so excuses. Qmoney, please oh!, if they start charging for absenteeism, na wahala ee go be oh!, which e-currency person go take pay sef?

I am totally rocking my new ipod TOUCH!, beaurriful piece of something, oyinbo, una too much!, the thing is totally taking too much of my time- downloading songs, movies, e.t.c…..i carry it everywhere, have it plugged to my ears as I type now…lalalalalala…lol.

God bless Nigeria, God help NEPA!. Those guys are so wicked, there’s absolutely no light these days…..morning, afternoon, night, no light! All you hear everywhere are crazy generator sounds. From the “I pass my neighbor” generators to heavy duty generators, all of them work overtime. Generator business is a cash cow business now so if you are looking for a viable business to start, think generator…lol!. It’s a true saying that those who live near a rich man’s house suffer the most. There’s this rich man that lives directly opposite our house….. he has this big old generator that makes so much noise, infact the kind of noise it makes can bring a dead man back to life & it churns out smoke like no man’s business & the annoying thing is it’s always on 24-7. We’ve gone to beg the man to atleast buy a new generator or service that one so it doesn’t add to people’s problems, for where?....the man has completely refused. Good thing is we’ve learnt to live with it. We’ve become so used to it that when visitors complain, we are surprised…

This issue has been bothering me. …Is it easy for men to move on with their lives so quickly??, Ok, I have this friend who recently met this guy through a friend, they were casually introduced and since then, the guy has not let her rest, he’s been calling, said he likes her and would like to know her better….guess what we found out?... the guy lost his wife in February just a few months after their wedding and that’s like 3 months ago, and I’m like what???... he’s already looking for another woman?, I mean it’s not bad for him to carry on with his life, but I think it’s rather too soon for him to begin chasing another woman, there should be some mourning period for the blessed memory of his wife abeg!, Men!!!

My Company recently restricted us from Facebook-ing ……”F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-N-G!!!”. Imagine seeing requests from long lost friends and you can’t accept!. It’s so annoying. I guess I’m left with going the Starcomms way, (i.e. getting my own personal internet connectivity). But seriously?, what is it about Facebook that addicts?, I really don’t know…. what I do there if not post/check out pictures is update my status. Facebook isn’t the only social site that offers such service, yet I wonder why the hype is with face book, maybe it’s in the name, who knows?....A name is so very important, it forms people’s initial perception of you. If I said my name was Linda you’d probably perceive me differently from if I said my name was Cynthia. Names are like labels (a lot of people don’t believe this but it’s true), I’ve seen some exceptions sha, but if you say your name is Blessing chances are you’d live a blessed life. God changed Abram’s name to Abraham and he became the father of many nations. My friend recently changed his name from one obscure native name to a bible name, I thought it cool but he got enough yabbings from people, and guess what?, that name is working for him already! Well, Little wonder my name’s Beulah, ‘cos I am God’s special….lol