Monday, December 3, 2012

Chukwu Daalu (2)

The year is wounding up fast and I want to take out time to count my blessings and name them one by one.... God has been faithful. I thank God for:

1) Life 

2) Good Friends- I truly believe certain people come into our lives for a purpose and God has blessed me immensely with good friends. 
3) My Family- I thank God for every member of my family, God kept us all safe & in good health, thank God for journey mercies, two of my nephews got admitted into the university, my sister got married & also got her visa to come join her hubby
4) Good health- Never got sick, not even once. 
5) My finances - God is a miracle worker. He always showed up in this area of my life. He has thought me how to trust in him completely like a sheep would trust d shepherd. Indeed, he has been my shepherd
6) My academics- When i took the bold step to go back to school after many years of being out of d uni, i didnt know what i was getting into. thought it would be a walk in d park, but No. However, I thank God for this wisdom & grace, he has caused me to excel & triumph exceedingly in my studies.

In everything and from the bottom of my heart Lord, i say Thank You! Through the blessings, the disappointments,  the good times and the hard times, you have been faithful. Thank you for bringing me to a closer and a more loving & trusting relationship with you.

In other news, I think i might have gained atleast 10 pounds this past week. Went to golden corral twice in a row! First my friend & i went cos we wanted to eat d cheapest steak & food ever!....tehehehe! Then, my flatie (my former room mate) came into town over the weekend, and guess where we decided to go again? Yes, Golden Corral! We had so much fun eating, gisting and catching up on old times that i felt i would burst. Stuffed myself with so much food. Really have to go on a marathon to burn off all d! 

Has this ever happened to you? You forgot to hang up your phone after a call and the person on the other line could still hear your conversations? It happened to me!!! so this guy calls me and i was really busy and told him i'd call him back however, i did not hang up & then i said something along the lines of "why does this guy like disturbing me sef & hissed"...LOL!!!! & i think he heard!!!!! So now i've been tryng to call him back, he's not picking my call!!!!! I feel sooo bad. It's one of those side comments u make & don't mean, guess he took it badly. I feel so sorry... :(

I wish you all a beautiful new week, a wonderful new month and a victorious end to the year 2012 Amen!!!!!