Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Growing up i thought i had life figured out. I thought if i was good enough, worked hard enough, then i would succeed. Then my life will go in a certain way but no, it didn't.  Exciting turns i never even imagined here and there. I guess it goes to say man proposes but it is God who disposes. 

The only one who's got the whole of life figured out completely is God, hence our dependence on him. He knows the turns and d twist. No life's formula fits  it all. What works for A might not work for B. I mean don't get me wrong, there's the underlying principle of what u sow is what u reap but sometimes u sow apple and reap corn. Now it doesnt mean corn is bad but it just wasn't what u were expecting. You work hard cos you want to succeed but sometimes hardwork is not all it takes to get u to d top, it is the grace of God. David was not the strongest or most perfect king but He had the grace of God working for him and he did succeed in all he did. 

Being able to trust God with your life is what truly matters, being able to look away from your self and so called strengths/abilities is what counts. The bible says trust in the Lord and rely not on your own abilities. When you rely on your own strength alone, God hands off & let's you do the work & that is struggle! I think 
what counts at the end of d day is our ability to look away from what we think are our strengths & righteousness and rather look unto God.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Thirty + said...


Been a long time I did that, being first to comment on a blog and the euphoria that comes with it.

thanks for your comment, well i can't promise being around but may do what you do and sneak on my blog every now and then ;).

True words, Only God has all of life figured out.

aloted said...

hmm deep words
i daily learn to trust in God

Afronuts said...

Like my Pastor once said, if you listen to man, you;ll be deaf to God. Only when we traut Him and ignore what man says do we see His glorious hand at work.

Beulah! said...

@30+, i know!!! yea, sneaking up once in a while will do plsss, better than nothing :)

@aloted, yes ooo trusting in God is d only way

@afronuts, ur pastor couldnt have said it any better. Listening to man is ignoring God! Man has limited knowledge, only God knows it all

Anonymous said...

@afronuts "If you listen to man, you'll be deaf to God. I love that.

Beulah thank you for this.

Becqui Nicholas said...

Well trusting in God and not trusting in our own abilities,does the magic. Our lives not going as we planned it,in my own opinion is God,trying to tell us that we ain't in charge of our destinies and there's a supreme being that,sees the end from the beginning.

My first time here..

NikkiSho said...

LOVE the last paragraph...its the truth.

Priscy said...

thanks for the reminder... I love this "Being able to trust God with your life is what truly matters" that is all we need.

Best wishes!

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