Thursday, December 31, 2015


This was a great year. God showed up and showed out in my life in so many ways. I can't even shout, I don't even know where to start from. No monetary value can be placed on the blessings I received this year. God gave me more than I requested for, He gave me Himself! I was transformed spiritually, I changed on the inside, I became a better & newer me, I found God for myself, I fell in love with Jesus like never before. He restored hope in me, gave me joy and increased my peace. I learnt to trust Him in my struggles, in my insecurities and in my fears, He never failed, always came through for me.

I started the year with specific prayer points & I must say God heard my prayers because He helped me. In January, I desperately needed to quit the job I had because the hours were not conducive & it was a very stressful job. God heard me & helped me. He gave me a job I had previously been turned down for. He used a random person to helped me. I needed another job when my time with that one elapsed, he provided for me again and He did it again & again!!! I can't even say why/how I got those jobs because I wasn't the most qualified, but God's grace, His mercy and love made it all happen. Indeed, God took care of me this year, He is my Shepherd and I am completely grateful to Him. In the same vein, my sister and her husband finished their programs & got awesome jobs beyond their imagination, It could only have been God.

I want to thank God He kept me and every member of my family in good health & condition, he brought reconciliation and love amongst us. We travelled to so many places, he granted us journey mercies, he blessed us with means of transportation, new opportunities and new friendships, He did so much more than we could ever dream or imagine and for that, we say THANKYOU, Chukwudalu. I know 2016 is going to be a bigger & better year and I thank God immensely for it.

Happy 2016!!!


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