Friday, September 12, 2008

Good to be back!

Mheeen!!!!!'s important to be sure of the kain blog wey you wan view for dis our blogville o!, that was how i stumbled upon this blog say make i check am out (blog name withheld & no pun intended.... i mean, people write what they feel comfortable writing, it's their blog anyway), the page that came staring at me threw me off balance. One very obscene picture like this ehn! & just at that moment, one babe just pass my side....... God!!!!!!!!!!, i wan faint!....the girl just look me one kain eye, waka comot. I was very embarassed, i no fit talk sef, to call her back and try to explain would simply seem like a cheap attempt at covering up my sins! Na wa ooo!! so i for take enter trouble if na my oga come catch me!......o ti o!, me i don learn my lesson.

I feel so refreshed, energized & healthy. I took 2 weeks off work to cool off. A lot of people have been complaining about my weight so i really exercised (trust me, exrecise works). Nyways, i'm back to work, no joke at all o!, back to the monotony....can be boring at times but what can a girl do??

The year is gradualling winding up few months ago, it was january, now it is Sept...ember!, how time flies. The year has been good for me sha, but i still look foward to loads of goodies before it ends. Baba God too much!,in the midst of those challenging times, he proved himself strong. I'm so looking foward to writing my GMAT exams, can't wait, ee don tey wey i write exam last. Hmmmnnn..another big one, "Reach out Nigeria", that one na major blockbuster wey dey come soon, i can't wait.

I just say make i show face here, ee don tey!, i've missed my page. **sigh***, it's going to be a very busy weekend....


rayo said...

so u came bak nd disappeared again abi?

Enkay said...

Madam, I had no idea you were a blogger too! So why have you disapeared again eh?! Oya pick up ur pen and write! Loved reading your posts!