Wednesday, August 20, 2008

tHe bEsT tHAt I cAN BE!!!

I was thinking to myself how much my needs have evolved. How when i left the university, all i wanted to do was work in an oil company, enjoy the plenty travel benefits, fat allowances, salary, e.t.c. For me, success was working in an oil company, anything less than that was failure. I thought one of my friends who resigned from her oil company job here in Naija to go and be with her hubby in jand to be crazy. What????...leave an oil company job for what?.....that'd be a joke!

"Oh common girl!, family comes first before career!" she said to me when i wailed and ranted to her, i thought she had lost it! It was a silly thing to do as far as i was concerned at that, many years down the line, i don't think so anymore. Success is relative, one man's success could be another's failure.

I spent precious years writing every oil company test, attending all oil company interviews (atleast the ones i was invited for, tho not many sha.....woreva!), Praying & trusting God for oil company job that i forgot to appreciate where God put me. If God knew i was going to be here, then why did he allow me spend five years of my life in the university studying Engineering!....didn't make sense to me at all!. Didn't make sense to Joseph either that he was sold into slavery by his own brothers, how were his dreams to come true?? God is all-knowing, He sees beyond the now...

There has always been an urge, a pull in my soul to excel ( could say everybody has that pull) but for me it's something deeper, something like it's my make-up, most times, i get all lazy and laid back, i try to push it back but it keeps tugging at my soul. I was made for the UP life!, i can't live the life of mediocrity, i was made to SUCCEED! Nywayz, now i'm constantly trying to improve my self. I want to be the best at what i'm doing, i want to set new records, i want to discover new heights, i want to be an industry shaker...yes!, that is what i want to be. I admire my boss, quite intelligent. the way he carries the crowd......commendable!, i want to be able to hold people's attention like that when i give speeches, when i make presentations....oh well, it comes with practise & i've decided to practise & give myself the best of opportunities.....Really, in all these things, i have the advantage of having Christ in me, it makes the whole process easier....


Ebony said...

Hi Beulah ,
Loved your post. Really nice. Like the way you were plain about your aspirations.
I really dont pray for an oil job, even if its just to make a point. But who knows which way life will go.

Just wanted to drop a line and tell you that I really enjoyed the post, hope we get more of these.
Take care and good luck

rayo said...

hiya,its nyc 2 c u'v got things in the ryt perspectv now. wish u all of God's guidiance. thanks 4 dropn by my blog

Olufunke said...

Interesting............I was also like that after university, my dream job was the oil company, I wrote tests, prayed, '
connected' etc

although I am still in Engineering though......but thigns are in better perspective now, and I am learning to thank God for where I am , enjoy where I am on the way to where I am going!
Nice blog!